Environmental Film Network and EcoSuperior Present Unacceptable Levels, a documentary about what goes in our bodies and what we can do about it.

Look around you… …there are thousands of chemicals in our daily life; some are in our food and utensils, some in our cleaning and body care products, in our furniture, our decorations, our garages, our bedrooms, our offices, our schools…

Many of these chemicals accumulate in our bodies; we call this our body burden. It’s a burden to our health and the welfare of our children and we don’t know all the implications of that burden.

Unacceptable Levels asks questions from a parent’s perspective… …can we shelter the bodies and health of our most vulnerable, our children from the unknown impact of chemicals accumulating in their bodies?

But the issue goes deeper than the things we can learn about and the things we can read about… …what about the things that we are not told? …what about the hidden dangers? …what about the things that are being hidden from us?

It’s time to let yourself ask questions, to become a little angry; to take action and see that small changes can have impact and create a movement. Come and join us at the Paramount Theatre on February 13th at 7:30pm for our free film ‘Unacceptable Levels’.