Story by Pat Forrest, Photo by Adrian Lysenko

It’s said you can smell the tantalizing aromas as you approach The Pasta Shoppe. Located at 212 East Miles Street, the newest edition to Thunder Bay’s growing local food scene offers fresh homemade pasta with your choice of sauces, delivered to your door or available for pickup.

Pasta Shoppe co-owner Ashlyn Ransome says that she and her partners Kim Pizzolato and LaVerne Murphy had both taste and convenience in mind when planning the business.

“It’s becoming more and more difficult to find the time to create tasty, fresh, and authentic meals, so we wanted to offer quick affordable homemade options while also keeping family traditions alive,” she says. “We like to say that keeping it in the family is important to us so we have sourced our products as much as we can from local suppliers.” They use cheese from the Cheese Encounter, vegetables and herbs from the Thunder Bay Country Market, fresh meat from North Country Meat, and flour from Brule Creek. The dishes are inspired by recipes passed down by Pizzolato’s nona, created at a time when fresh was the only option. There’s also a “Little Sketti” kids’ menu, feature sauces, and Friday specials, as well as a small dinner/office party menu.

The Pasta Shoppe uses a simple online ordering system. Customers choose from the many pasta and sauce options, complementing their order with additional toppings, a drink, or both. Pre-ordering, however, is not necessary and walk-ins are encouraged. To order go to or

The Pasta Shoppe
212 East Miles Street