Guided Urban and On the Land Walking Food Tours

Story by Andrea Stach, Photos by Damien Gilbert

Later this month, Thunder Bay’s newest ecotourism business will literally get moving. Seek Adventure and Tours is gearing up to launch its menu of guided “urban” and “on the land” walking food tours.

Owner and lead guide Sue Hamel has partnered with many local restaurants to create this unique and soulful experience, and is excited to share her passion for the area with both locals and tourists. With more than 25 years of experience leading adventure travel groups all over the world and a background in both outdoor recreation education and the hospitality industry, Hamel has a passion for experiential tourism that is infectious.

Celebrating local distinctiveness, our vibrant local food scene, and the stunning backdrop that Lake Superior has provided us, the “urban” walking food tours will take you on a two to three hour tasty stroll. As part of a small, intimate group, you will visit up to five restaurants where both a table and the chef will be waiting for you at every stop. Along the way, your guide will tell you about the neighbourhood, its artwork, and its natural and cultural history, while the chef will share their passion for their culinary creations. Walking no more than one to two kilometres over the course of the tour, each person will connect meaningfully to the local flavours and the unique spaces that are visited while learning a little bit about the area. There will a number of tours to choose from—one that is sure to be popular is the Superior Happy Hour Tour, which includes food and drink tasting in the north core where your guide will focus on teaching you about magnificent Lake Superior.

The “on the land” tours will offer full-day hikes that will include a catered lunch provided by a local restaurant. The initial tours will take place in Kakabeka Falls and on the Sibley Peninsula, with a focus on learning about the boreal forest and its importance to the area while enjoying a delicious, locally made lunch.

Thrilled by the local support so far, Hamel and her company are excited to get walking. “I feel there are infinite connections to be made with food in Thunder Bay and its beautiful surrounding area,” she says.

For more detailed information, including tour descriptions, schedule, prices, and online bookings, go to You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.