Review by Meghan Jewell, Photos by Iconic Images

On December 5, the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium was filled with a wild mixture of 70s rock, traditional Christmas favourites, and holiday tunes as the Fort William Male Choir lit up the stage with both their voices and visual displays.

The program contained something for everyone and demonstrated the choir’s versatility, humour, and excellent talent.

From “Bohemian Rhapsody,” to “Mamma Mia”; all the way to “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”, the choir kept the crowd tapping, laughing and even singing along to the familiar carols.

The costume changes were both hilarious and enduring. The men went from traditional Choir outfits to 70s gear and then ended in Christmas pajamas.

I especially enjoyed seeing my previous elementary school teachers spreading their passion and love for the music up on stage. Before Mr. Allan and Mr. Dudar retired, they were known for their passion for the arts in the public school system.

The Music Place Children’s Choir was a special treat midway through the concert.  Being the special guests, they performed three adorable songs. Their talent and commitment was apparent as they had excellent tone and pitch.

On stage the choir said their goodbyes to accompanist Joseph Tassone, who will be leaving the choir to pursue his education. Both he and Marcella Smithers did a fantastic job supporting the choir.

This was a fabulous night to get into the holiday spirit and the rest of the audience agreed as it ended with a roaring standing ovation.