Review by Alexander Kosoris

Undermajordomo Minor is, for the most part, a comedy of manners. Lucien (Lucy) Minor gets a position at the Castle Von Aux, under the majordomo, Mr. Olderbough. He slowly comes to realize that all is not well at the Castle, or with Baron Von Aux, for that matter, but competing for the love of a fair young woman keeps him from running, even when events make him worry for his life. The comedy largely comes from conversations between Lucy and Olderbough, heavily laced with the prim and proper speech of the aristocracy, made hilarious due to the absurdities that often come out of Olderbough’s mouth. When you start to feel comfortable in the humour, however, the story takes startling and disturbing turns. What we’re left with is a book that occasionally made me laugh out loud, but also kept me on edge when reading at night in my dark basement.