L’Association des francophones du Nord-Ouest de l’Ontario (AFNOO) and Le Club Canadien Français de Thunder Bay (CCF) are inviting the public to discover our region’s francophone heritage through the stories of their ancestors’ travels, the fur trade, and the development of business and industry. The two groups have announced the first travelling bilingual exhibit dedicated to the history and heritage of francophones in our region. “A majority of Thunder Bay’s cultural communities have published their history. Until now the francophones in our region have not followed this trend, and yet they are the individuals who set off to conquer western Canada,” stated Cédrick Jeanpierre, President of the CCF.

Through this exhibit, which was funded by Heritage Canada, the CCF shares their past and their roots in a series of ten bilingual banners. “The AFNOO, having a regional mandate, wants to ensure that the exhibition reaches the entire northwest region in order to promote and recognize the Francophone heritage of our communities” said Chantal Brochu, President, AFNOO.

The exhibition will run from February 4 – 23 at the Waverley Resource Library in conjunction with Heritage Month; admission is free. www.afnoo.org
Photo: Francis Ann Hopkins Library and Archives Canada