Thunder Bay- January 16- Is the holy grail real or just an archetype? World renowned researcher Louis Buff Parry has spent 25 years researching this very question and will travel to Thunder Bay this February to enlighten us on his findings. Mr. Parry’s research has taken him around the globe and has uncovered a clear connection between the relic, Jacob’s Pillow Stone and Canada.

Buff Parry is quoted as saying.“ I can tell you I have decoded, to the experts’ satisfaction, Leonardo da Vinci’s identification of the Pillow Stone’s covenant fulfillment (as indicated in Genesis) in terms of where and when and why.”

Buff Parry is also a respected code cracker. He recently decoded the Shepherd’s Monument in Staffordshire, England to the satisfaction of Richard Kemp, The British Trust director of Shugborough Hall in 2004 and 2006. This event became a tool of the government of UK tourism initiatives to increase international visits to Shugborough Hall. It was posted on a number of UK Gov sites.

Mr. Parry’s accomplishments and endeavours are too numerous to list but he has recently been involved in the design of a massive fountain complex for the West Rossdale area in Edmonton. ISL Engineering is commencing the construction of a Leonardo-styled bridge in Edmonton this spring to replace the Walterdale Bridge. “We appreciate your passion for the works of Leonardo da Vinci and the historical significance of the West Rossdale area of the City of Edmonton and wish you well in your pursuits” –Gary Mack, Chairman of the Board of ISL Engineering and Land Services, dated October 3, 2012

Organizer Lori Paras says- “As former President of the North of Superior Tourism Association, my goal has always been to bring an international event of high caliber to the Northwest region”. Her own research into the enigma of the “relic” and its existence has put her into contact with many other researchers and investigative journalists who deem Mr. Parry to be correct in his findings. This includes the editor of “The Heretic Magazine”, Andrew Gough.

The lecture will get off to a roaring start with a video performance by Lewis Cardinal and his son Hunter of their new song “Lapis Exillis.” This original work is a tribute to Mr. Parry’s work. Lewis and Hunter are of Cree descent and believe that this relic is connected to the Cree “Prophecy Stone”.

The Pillow to Pillar Lecture will be held February 21, 2013 at 7 pm in Lakehead University’s Upper Lecture Theatre. A VIP Dinner with Mr. Parry will be held at Ruby Moon on February 22, 2013 at 6 pm. This event will highlight the Oji-Cree Community and Canada’s contribution to the history of the relic, highlighting the City of Thunder Bay and providing exciting social networking opportunities.

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