How experienced are you?

Lots of “firsts” are brought about under dim lighting. Casual wear, the “good linens,” and cultural affairs intermingle with nerves and liquid courage. Decadent chocolates within an arm’s reach invite you to step over the edge. Whether you’re going stag, or with friends—this is your show, symphony virgins, designed with newcomers in mind.

The question is, “are you experienced?” On Wednesday evening, the TBSO’s conductor-in-residence, Simon Rivard, is going to lift the covers off the classics and light classics, just for you.

One of the delights he’ll be exposing is Chocolats symphoniques, by hip Canadian composer Maxime Goulet. The piece was recently performed by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and was a tremendous success.

The audience will be treated to four different varieties of chocolate during the four movements of the piece. Best of all, the sinfully delightful—and FREE—chocolates are being custom-made for the concert by local chocolatier, Choco Litts. Not only will the chocolates be paired with the music, you can also order a glass of wine or a beer (we recommend red wine to complement dark chocolate).

With all the comforts of a cabaret performance, and the hospitalities of an encouraging host, the TBSO’s first special event of the year aims to coax symphony virgins out of their comfort zones and into the line of fire to experience something new, something timeless, and something surprisingly innovative—despite many generations of practice. First-timers, this one is for you!

Get your first taste of the symphony on Wednesday October 25 at the Da Vinci Centre. Tickets are available online and in-person through the Community Auditorium, or at the door. Visit for more information.