Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold plays like some of Wim Wenders’ finest films. Meditative, reflective, and emotionally textured, the record has the feel of a communication with the departed—the living and the dead—who, although no longer in sight, as still very much in presence. As individual pieces of that communication, each of the 12 songs—whether a reflection about the past, an account of the present, or a glimpse into the future—is about (re)affirming the bonds once established by keeping them meaningfully alive and carrying them forward and on. Musically, Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold alternates between shades of jubilation and introspection, painted by the sonics of gritty electric guitars, driving beats, haunting acoustic instrumentation, affective vocals, and evocative horns. Altogether, the music’s emotional tone complements perfectly what, lyrically, impresses as the vignettes of loss, passing, and hope. Compelling.

-Dalibor Mišina