As we all wait from day to day with bated breath to hear updates on the war in Ukraine, it’s reassuring to know that this podcast not only brings you information that is accurate, but it’s also compact and insightful. State of Ukraine is brought to you by fiercely determined journalists and hosts who portray the realities and hardships of the brave Ukrainian people and their beloved country. One of the standouts for me about this podcast is that the listener is often given background information (when required) to help better understand some of the history behind what has shaped Ukraine into the country that it is today. In the strikingly powerful interviews, the determination heard in the voices of the Ukrainian people is palpable. Although it often brings a mix of sad and hopeful tears, I look forward to a daily update on a country that is so deserving of democracy now, more than ever before. Slava Ukraini! Glory to Ukraine!

-Andrea Lysenko