“The last goal he ever scored, won the Leafs the cup…”“Fifty Mission Cap” still sounds  as fresh and edgy now as it did in 1992 on the Hip’s third full length album. The song may be even more on point with hockey (especially Leafs) fans than ever before. Last year, the Hip reissued Fully Completely in a number of formats, including a vinyl edition, with original recordings remastered by Bob Ludwig. This reissue is overflowing with what have become Hip anthems—it is amazingly produced and the sound is simply magnificent. From the haunting “Wheat Kings” to the deep bass riff in “Eldorado,” the production has enhanced the range and scope of each track. This distinctively Canadian album is one of my favourite albums of all time—if I’m looking for a place to happen, it’s right on my turntable.


-Dave Probizanski