Thin Ice Trailer from Thin Ice Climate on Vimeo.

In recent years climate scientists have been vilified by the mainstream media, being called extremists, alarmists, or worse: part of a global scientific fraud.

In Thin Ice, producer, director, photographer, and geologist Simon Lamb visits his climate science colleagues around the world to find out who they are and if they really know what they are doing.

Co-produced by Peter Barrett (Victoria University), and David Sington (DOX Productions), the film has been aptly described as akin to a Lonely Planet episode on climate change: Lamb visits researchers across four continents, interacts with the locals, and participates in various activities with them—except the destinations are not tourist hotspots, and the locals are mostly academics. Lamb is an charming narrator who takes us behind the scenes and explains things in everyday terms. Thin Ice is an engaging foray into humanity’s greatest challenge in the twenty-first century.

– Sarah Kerton