It’s been five years since the Montreal-based band The High Dials dropped a full-length album, andIn the A.M. Wilds is well worth the wait. It’s fantastic. The album simultaneously highlights the band’s trademark sound that fans have come to love, while exemplifying a new sound progression that hits the mark. Right from the start, “Echoes and Empty Rooms” successfully shows this sound merger. “The Barroom Fisher King” and “Lake of Light” offer more of an instrumental and experimental sound, and each song bridges the preceding and following tracks wonderfully. As a whole, the tracks flow so smoothly together and each song provides its own catchy beat, as heard on “On Again, Off Again” and “Desert Tribe.” Turn on this album and let it play in its entirety. This is the kind of album that would be a success when played at a party or while hitting the pavement on a road trip.


-Melissa Gaudette