slowhandEvery once in a while I put on this album and enjoy a laid back bluesy/rock/country voyage that is still pleasing to the ear, 37 years after its release. Even with the mix of genres on this album, Clapton’s guitar style unifies the sound and harmonies, making you want to start the album over again as soon as it’s finished. There are also few songs more perfect for slow dancing than “Wonderful Tonight,” and the guitar feels lyrical and warm, complementing his voice perfectly. JJ Cale’s “Cocaine” has, of course, become a Clapton staple, with that blistering riff that has become his signature. “Slowhand,” a nickname given to Clapton in 1964 by then Yardbirds manager Giorgio Gomelsky, seems apt all the years later when you listen to Clapton’s music. Slowhand is a beautiful melodic album that should be in every vinyl collection.

– Dave Probizanski