Megan Nadin

Wow! That was the first word that came to my mind after listening to Megan Nadin’s album This Was Then. This is a solid piece of work for the Thunder Bay singer-songwriter and here’s why. Nadin’s vocals are simply top-notch and she sings with confidence and poise, with echoes of icons like Amy Winehouse and Adele in her performance. Aside from her vocal strengths, she is also a gifted songwriter. Nadin writes from her heart and from personal experiences. The music on the album is pop with layers of soul, jazz, and rap that gives it its own unique sound. The production and mix make this album sparkle—her voice is always on top and the piano, orchestra, percussion, and backup vocals all add amazing dimensions to the sound. Favourite songs include the powerful ballad “Beautiful Thing” and the soulful, uptempo tune “Watermarks.” This Was Then has all the musical ingredients needed to give Megan Nadin a great start.

-Gerald Graham

4.5 out of 5