From the first 30 seconds of Angel Olsen’s All Mirrors, it’s clear that the album is unlike anything the indie-rocker has released before. All Mirrors does contain Olsen’s signature vibrato vocals but has lots of production behind it. Most songs have string arrangements from a 14-piece orchestra and others include heavy synths, making it a pretty dark album. Originally, All Mirrors was supposed to be a dual record release with one featuring the raw, solo recordings and the other having a full band version of the same songs. It’s hard to say whether all this production takes away from Olsen’s haunting vocals or adds to it. Other than the sublime “Tonight” and the smoky “Endgame” (the best song on the album), I would argue it’s the former. Still, All Mirrors is definitely worth a listen, but here’s hoping she’ll release the original recordings.

-Adrian Lysenko