Story and Photo By Bill Gross

On January 19, Nelly Furtado performed to a full house at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium as part of her world tour. Although ticket sales have been sluggish elsewhere and Furtado has scaled back the tour, fans of all ages enthusiastically welcomed her to the stage. She kicked off the show with the title track to her latest album, The Spirit Indestructible, and then moved on to her more familiar radio hits.

Unfortunately, Furtado’s energy was not as electric as one would expect. Many of her songs lacked passion, and although the audience rose to their feet in an effort energize Furtado, their efforts were rather futile. The fans were not on their feet for long. Furtado awkwardly paced across the stage and the performance came across as a job.

Fans were thrilled when Furtado invited 12-year-old Capri Ruberto Anderson to join her on stage to sing “I’m Like a Bird.” Capri is a local singer-songwriter whose YouTube performance of her song “Hope,” caught the attention of Furtado’s management. Furtado wrapped up the show with a series of three high energy songs that left the audience dancing and yearning for more.
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