By Neil Burke

As we find ourselves cooped up in our homes and having binge watch all of Netflix, one thing that can still entertain us is music. And with Thunder Bay’s own rock band Visual Past, we even have some new tunes to listen to.

The band was formed in 2015 by guitarist Jacob Goodman and drummer Trevor Honke. The two were later joined by guitarist/vocalist Andrew Pettenuzzo and bassist Marlon Lergarde. The band originally started as a classic rock and roll band but has progressed into more of an ambient/prog rock band. The name Visual Past was “a placeholder name that we never bothered to change,” according to Honke.

Honke says each member has different inspirations, ranging from Pink Floyd to Megadeth, and Led Zeppelin and Dream Theater. The band’s newest single, “Lucid” which is new available on both Spotify and Apple Music, was recorded and produced at Blueprint Studios with Jean-Paul De Roover and mastered at Transparent Mastering with Jon Tornblom. “It was an amazing time and we love the end product,” Honke says. The song has solid production values and a newer rock feel, but with an old-school sound. It is loaded with the drums, bass, and guitars, and they mesh together well.

Besides releasing the single, Honke says that the band is now “waiting to record an album with current songs and new material that we’re continuously writing.” In the past, the band has played regular shows at both Black Pirates Pub and the Apollo, and they also hope to continue this in the future. When asked what advice he could give to any artist or band hoping to start up, Honke says, “Play the music you want to play and find people with similar interests.” He also adds that challenges of being a working musician include “cancellations, [requiring] patience when practicing a challenging song, and the occasional breaking of gear” but that you should “never shy away from a challenge, because through hard work and dedication anything can be achieved.” 

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