Artist Opens New Online Shop

Story and Photos by Brooke Towle


New to Thunder Bay’s art scene, Lise Cousineau is a young artist whose passion for yoga, crafting, and being environmentally conscious is at the heart of her business. Cousineau started with small sewing and knitting projects, and moved on to explore new craft ideas and mediums. She now sells her dreamcatchers and boho-style clothing and jewelry through her shop, Liesel Collections.

Caring for the earth, Cousineau aims to make as small of a footprint on the environment as possible. She does this by choosing plant-based fabrics for her clothing, such as rayon or cotton, and tries to stay away from fabrics like polyester. “It’s been a little bit of a struggle with where to draw the line, as it’s far too easy and there’s so many more accessible and affordable fabrics, but they’re just not ethical,” says Cousineau. Many of the craft supplies she uses are also thrifted or upcycled from family members or given to her as gifts, and she uses crystals and discarded pieces that are often the byproducts of mining. “A lot of the doilies I use have even been given to me by ladies who are cleaning out their houses or don’t have a use for them anymore.”

Always needing to keep her hands busy, Cousineau often finds herself crafting away while watching a movie or visiting with friends. When she’s not crafting, Cousineau also spends her time teaching yoga or in the great outdoors. She currently runs Liesel Collections from the comfort of her cozy apartment, and through her website. “Half of my living room is just all dreamcatchers and crafting supplies,” says Cousineau. Believing that it shouldn’t be difficult to buy locally and ethically, she makes it one step easier by offering free delivery Thunder Bay-wide.

Check out more of Cousineau’s artwork and collections on her Instagram account (@shoplieselco) or purchase some by visiting her new online shop at