The Finlandia Association of Thunder Bay and the Hoito Restaurant are kicking off celebrations for the Hoito’s 100th Birthday on May 1st, 2018.

The Hoito has been a significant cultural and socio-economic landmark in Thunder Bay for a century. It was founded as a cooperative restaurant on May 1st, 1918 when 59 people pooled their own money into $5.00 “Comrade Loans.” It has been serving affordable, home-cooked meals to residents and visitors in the Bay and Algoma District ever since.

Celebrating throughout the month of May, the Hoito begins their celebrations by serving a birthday cake on Tuesday, May 1st starting at 10am. Other celebrations include bringing back the last old placement style menu for a limited time for the public to enjoy some of their old favourite at the old prices!

However, they’re not forgetting their #pancakehacks. This month’s hackers are two local chefs bringing a taste of Mexico to Thunder Bay.  Chef Allan Rebelo and his Sous-chef Staci Fraser of El Tres are delighted to present the Huevos Rancheros #Pancakehack. It’s a chorizo sausage and roasted corn stuffed pancake, topped with crema (Mexican sour cream), pico de Gallo and an egg fried over easy.


Lastly, there will also be a large celebration that will take place on Sunday 27 May 2018, from 3pm to 6pm at the Finlandia. Come and reminisce with friends old and new at the Hoito 100 Reunion for all current and former staff! Registration required.

To register or for more information on the Hoito and it’s upcoming celebrations, contact Stephen Beauchemin-Kilborn at or at 807.344.7081.