Eric Clapton

I went into this review with more than a little trepidation. I find most Christmas albums sappy and uninspired. Eric Clapton’s, however, is something to behold. Not only is it a wonderful Christmas album, it’s also a good blues album as well. Clapton gives us some straight-up rocking blues, and some touches of soul, reggae, and even electronic dance. There’s a good mix of traditional Christmas nuggets, along with some covers of lesser-known Christmas songs and even a Clapton original. The album’s production and mix are great, and Clapton’s vocals are clear and crisp. His guitar virtuosity is as good as ever, and he even did the artwork for the album cover.  Not bad for a guy whose been at it for well over 50 years. Favourite songs include the bluesy “White Christmas” and the laid-back rhythm and blues feel of “Home for the Holidays.” It’s the perfect album for a Christmas party or simply chilling with a glass of eggnog.

-Gerald Graham

5 out 5 stars