Story and Photos by Tyler Sklazeski

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On July 3, Runway 25 hosted an exclusive sneak peek of their new steaklounge. With the recent explosion of culinary options on the city’s north side, the newly redesigned restaurant is a shot across the bow of the city’s culinary scene.

Despite inheriting the space of the former Timbers restaurant, there’s nothing familiar about the new Runway 25. The space takes design cues from the aviation industry and is fittingly engineered to perfection: grand wrought iron chandeliers hang from a chateaux-style exposed ceiling, wingback chairs and elegant seating line the centre, and an open concept kitchen adds to the dynamism of the space.
Of course atmosphere is only half of the soul of a successful restaurant. The menu, carefully crafted by Chef Herbert Kraus and team, is a steak lover’s dream. Manager Mary McLellan explains, “We picked out flavours inspired by the north,” adding that Chef Kraus “took months preparing and testing the new menu” drawing on decades of experience and a passion for his craft.
For me, the braised beef short ribs were, for lack of a better word, legendary. We’re talking cauliflower purée, roasted garlic cloves, and maple reduction here—what more could you ask for? For dessert, it was the nougat parfait with salted caramel drizzle that stood out, highlighting the unique pairings used to bring out flavours across the menu.
The service was best described by fellow pre-launch attendee Jon Hendel. “Whoever did the hiring of this new crew deserves a big hug. The flavour combinations are unique, complement each other, and are of high quality, while the staff could not be friendlier and more attentive.”

I couldn’t agree more. The staff and management at the Valhalla Inn have done a great job and obviously invested heavily in the new space, so if you’re looking for a new hotspot for dinner and drinks, look no further—Runway 25 has landed.

Runway 25 is located at 1 Valhalla Inn Road and is open seven days a week from 4:30 pm–11 pm. Call 577-1121 or visit