Like looking through the hole in the Polka Dot Door…

This coming Family Day, local dairy producers Jim and Wilma Mol are opening their doors to the public for tours of their soon-to-be-operational Slate River Dairy.

The plant is now in the final stages of construction and equipment installation. Over the past couple of weeks, large pieces of processing equipment have been arriving and by Family Day, all the equipment needed for pasteurization, separation and culturing will be on the premises. This creates a rare opportunity to give area residents a chance to examine some of mechanics behind the production of their favourite dairy products and to see aspects of dairy processing which are typically closed to the public. Once construction and installation are completed, the production area of Thunder Bay’s newest bottling facility will be inspected and certified, and in order to maintain rigorous standards of cleanliness, will no longer be open to the public.

“Dairy farming represents a big part of Thunder Bay’s local food system, and we’re very proud that we’ll soon be able to offer Thunder Bay the chance to drink their own local milk again,” says Wilma Mol, co-owner of the new facility.   “We hope  Thunder Bay’s dairy consumers will take this opportunity to learn a little about our growing business and the role of the dairy industry in Thunder Bay!”

Free public tours will be offered on an ongoing basis on Monday February 16 from 11am and 3pm at the new Slate River Dairy location, about 15 minutes from the airport off Highway 61 at #8 Highway 608.

Visit for updates and tour day details.

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