Review by Craig St. Cyr, Photos by Ascension Photography

The third annual Wig Wars, organized by none other than Jimmy Wiggins and hosted by Miss Annalicia Fierce, took place at Black Pirate’s Pub on October 24. Needless to say, it went off without a hitch as a headcount of over 100 people gathered for another much-anticipated drag show. The fight for the coveted tiara took place in front of the lovely judges (Paloma Marquez, Steph Simko, Tracy Pollard, and Tyler Runciman) who had their work cut out for them as the contestants graced the stage.

The Wig Warriors headlining the night were Fantasia LaPremiere, Lily Tremayne, Amiah Vahjine, Yves, Molly Poppins, Fay West, Ivan Love, Richard Hunter, and J.J. The chants, hollers and screams from the crowd showed that the support was unanimous in everybody having a good time and judging the most best drag kings and queens in town.

Wiggins is no stranger when it comes to both organizing entertainment around Thunder Bay and promoting the very events he puts on. It’s very tempting for me to say that if he wasn’t the man behind the helm, these events would not be half of what they are. Just being in that atmosphere for his last drag show was all anybody ever needed for convincing that people are eating it up.

Keep your eyes out for these upcoming shows: Dress Like Your Ex, Drag and DJ Night on Saturday November 21, and the Ho Ho Ho X-Mas Drag Show on Saturday, December 12.