Collaborate, cultivate, and create this Saturday, May 6th, at the Spring Makers Retreat with the Willow Springs Creative Centre, hosted at the newly renovated Lappe Ski Centre. A day for all people in the area who work with – or who are interested in working with – natural materials from our region, Willow Springs invites artists to come together to share strategies for ethical and sustainable foraging of natural materials. This event aims to help makers engage in an exploratory process, revealing new ways to work with nature. Citing the importance of community and collaboration, the Spring Makers Retreat is about helping people find new ways to engage with the natural world. Part of the two-year project Donning Nature, which explores the symbiotic relationship we have with nature and our imaginative selves, this retreat is about connecting local artisans who create with wool, metal, twigs, reeds, roots, bark, clay, leaves, hides, water, stones, cotton, linen, and more.

 “We’re facilitating the passing down of old skills, and we’re seeing what different people do with natural materials,” shares Judi Vinni, coordinator and co-founder of Willow Springs. This event reflects the larger aim of the Donning Nature project, which is to bring attention to the endless possibilities of making art with nature. The focus of this event is growth, so makers of all ages and levels of ability are welcome.  Open your heart and mind, and see what you can learn about nature this weekend with the Willow Springs Creative Centre. 

For more information, find Willow Springs Creative Centre on Facebook and Instagram or visit or see page 50 of the May issue.