February 2022

Let them eat cake!

According to a somewhat reputable online source, the word “dessert” is derived from the word “desservir,” which is French for “to clear the table.” This makes perfect sense because we are firm believers in ending a meal with something sweet. Or starting it. Or, you know, just having dessert for dinner. For this cover story we sent out our dedicated crew of writers and photographers to 12 restaurants to sample some of the desserts that the city has to offer. We hope you like what we found, because they sure did!
-Rebekah Skochinski



February 2022: Love at first bite

Our team of ravenous writers have reviewed 12 delicious desserts from restaurants around the city. Also part of the cover story,  Bonnie Schiedel presents some stats and facts in our chocolate infographic, we taste some of the old-school Italian desserts offered at Dolce Coffee House, profile certified chocolatier Vimal Vijayakumar, and find out the recipe for success behind Gluten Free Harvest.


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