New Sports Pub Opens on the South Side

Story and Photos by Amy Jones

Our trip to Westfort Wild Wings begins with a philosophical question: is there such a thing as the “best” chicken wing? After all, in the bar food game, wing preference is just about as personal as it gets. As long as our pickles are deep fried and our nachos are blanketed with melted cheese, we’re happy campers. But ask ten people what they want in a wing and you will get ten different answers.

This is probably why any self-respecting wing joint will give you lots of options. And Westfort Wild Wings is no exception. You can have your wings naked (and oven-baked for gluten-free folks) or breaded, you can have them bone-in or boneless, you can have them sauced or dry, you can have them in a variety of flavours. You can even not have them at all, in the case of one of our foursome, who prefers fish and chips (crazy, I know).

The three sane members of our group like ours bone-in, breaded, and fried—bring on the gluten!—although we part ways on the sauced/not sauced debate. We settle on a platter with wings (medium, barbecue, and dry Cajun), perogies, and fries, and—because it’s buy-one-get-one-free apps on Friday night—some deep fried pickles and mozza sticks. While it might not exactly be health food, everything is handmade and delicious, including a mysterious but tasty Westfort sauce that comes with the fries. With two big screen TVs and your choice of libations from the bar next door, this is likely to become a popular addition to the growing Westfort restaurant scene. And while we may not always agree on which type of wing is the best, at least now we can agree on where to go to get it.

Westfort Wild Wings is located at 1408 Brown Street, phone 475-9114 or find them on Facebook.