By Andrea Stach

Over the past few years, Thunder Bay has been blessed with the emergence of a vibrant and delicious culinary scene. It seems like every time to venture out, you see a new little place that you just have to try the next time you plan to treat yourself to something tasty.

Amuse Catering is the vision and dream of Jessica Sharpe, a local chef with years of experience and culinary arts training. As a mom of two young children, having the opportunity to start her business at CommuniTea & Coffee has been perfect, allowing her to get her venture started while still having time to be with her family. Amuse Catering serves up a delectable variety of muffins, tarts, and mini-loaves, perfect for a midmorning snack, and there are also mouthwatering soups, sandwiches, and salads for lunch. When possible, Sharpe uses local ingredients in her creations and always offers vegetarian options.

In addition, Sharpe has been offering a few workshops on molecular gastronomy, a subdiscipline of food science that looks at the physical and chemical changes that take place to ingredients when you cook them. Part of the Artistic Edge Festival at A Spa For You, the classes allow Sharpe to help participants explore some very interesting and creative aspects of food preparation.

While still in its infancy, Amuse Catering has plans to grow and expand over time, branching into home and office catering for groups up to 50 people. Most certainly, Amuse Catering is a welcome new addition to the Westfort community.

Enjoy Amuse Catering’s lunchtime fare at CommuniTea & Coffee, 108 East Frederica Street.