Die Active’s new street art mural is set to dramatically transform and brighten the entrance of the Waverley Library. It’s a partnership of Definitely Superior Art Gallery’s Die Active Art Collective and Thunder Bay Public Library.

The mural, billed as “Waverley Gets Fresh,” is a great opportunity for emerging artists from the collective to showcase their high-quality and evolving street art aesthetics and design skills to the public.

It’s a high-profile location and the project partners are confident that it will be good for both the library and the city … the eyes of anyone going into the downtown north core, would be naturally drawn to the colorful street art mural. The mural is sure to brighten the face of Waverley and faces of people when they see it, both residents and tourists alike.

The painting is taking place Aug. 5th to 12th and the public is encouraged to watch the painting of the street art mural as it unfolds.

The “Big Reveal” of the completed mural will take place either in late August or early September, a “block party” to which the public will be invited. Date to be announced.

If you have access to facebook, you can also visit Definitely Superior Art Gallery’s profile page, to see photos of the mural’s painting progress: https://www.facebook.com/defsup.

Photos of the mural will also be posted on the gallery’s website in the future, most likely after the project is launched: http://www.definitelysuperior.com/events/photo-gallery/.