A local charity that rescues abandoned and stray cats is a semi-finalist for Aviva Community Fund’s $1,000,000 challenge. Starting on December 3, you can help Kitty Kare win funds to build their greatly needed cat sanctuary. Kitty Kare is a volunteer-driven feline rescue organization that was established in 2010 and is committed to rescuing cats from the city’s animal shelter by placing them in loving homes—without Kitty Kare, these cats would be euthanized. They are the only feline rescue in the Thunder Bay District. Kitty Kare believes that every life is valuable and does everything possible to ensure that cats in their care receive what is needed for a good quality of life, including required veterinary care.

Approximately 1,500 cats and kittens are brought to the city’s animal shelter each year and approximately 1,200 are euthanized. Since 2010, Kitty Kare has saved over 320 lives, placing cats in foster homes prior to adopting out. With a sanctuary, the group would not have to depend on the limited number of foster homes, thus enabling them to save more cats.

You can vote every day by clicking http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf13537