Not getting enough Ultimate? Want more than 1 game a week?

TBU hears you, and we are proud to announce a Tuesday Night League beginning in August. Here are the details:

Starts: August 7
Length: 4 weeks
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: Current River Park (on Cumberland between Gibson Ave and Grenville Ave)
Price: $20 for league members, $30 for non-Thursday league members (increase is to cover insurance)
How to sign up: Head to the TBU store and select the proper product.

How’s the league going to work?
Players sign up individually. New teams will be made each week, so it is a great opportunity to play with different players, and to learn from others. Each week will also have a 30-minute clinic component, meaning that there will be a small lesson to teach a specific element of Ultimate in a bit more detail.

Depending on registration, this league could have co-ed nights and gender specific nights.