After reviewing the test results from beach water samples taken on Thursday, July 19, the Health Unit has lifted swimming advisories for the following beaches:

Boulevard Lake – Main Beach (Lakeview)

Chippewa Park – Sandy Beach

However, the swimming advisory for the following beach still remains in effect.

Chippewa Park – Main Beach

Swimming advisories do not close the beach or stop people from swimming. They let swimmers know about the water conditions. Swimming in water with high levels of E. coli can cause skin, eye, nose and throat infections, as well as stomach problems. To reduce your risk: avoid swallowing beach water, towel off after a swim and shower once at home.

Beach water sampling will continue until the last week of August. In the surrounding district communities, select beaches are sampled twice throughout the summer months. A complete list of all beaches sampled by the Health Unit is available at TBDHU.COM by clicking on the Environmental Health page. This page also provides links to the beaches monitored by the Lakehead Regional Conservation Authority and the provincial parks.

Additional information on all swimming advisories is available at TBDHU.COM/EH or on the seasonal Beach Line at 624-9082 or toll free 1-866-607-3337.

A public health inspector can be reached at 625-5930 or 1-888-294-6630, ext. 5930.

For more information:

Health Unit Media Line 625-8800 or 1-888-294-6630, extension 8800