This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Live from the Rock Folk Festival, so we are encouraging our readers to commemorate this milestone by composing a haiku.

Using some aspect of the festival as inspiration, compose a haiku (three lines with five syllables in the first, seven in the second and five in the third) and fill out the form below, or email it to, or post it on our Facebook page, or mail it to 242-1100 Memorial Avenue, TBay, P7B 4A3.

You can enter as often as you like for a chance to win two weekend passes for the festival. We have some great consolation prizes too, thanks to The Keg, Excalibur, and Vintage Pixie Studios. Get your creative juices flowing, as the deadline to enter is midnight on August 1.

Here are some of our entries so far:

music on red rocks
is absorbed; stored for winter
song capacitors

Sorry, Bob Dylan:
All I got is a red rock,
three songs and the truth

Live from the Rock is
simply unfolkgettable
and now 10 years old!

summer in Red Rock
means sunshine, swimming holes and
music in the grass

a haiku is not
something to be trifled with
unless there’s a prize

a folk festival
each song a symbol of the
superior night

no song from the train
weeds whistle softly in tracks
waiting for Willie

improbable for haiku
the perfect first line

voyageur canoe
westward, music in your wake
find the joyous shore

Just three days, four nights
With the sun and northern lights
Music and folk join

The fire crackles
Folks sing and dance through the night
Sleep is for the weak

music is playing
my brother is now asleep
I love the folk fest

People are dancing
while the music is playing
it is so awesome

music of all types
coming together right now
this is the fold fest

August has arrived
we turn the map over and
drive the wilder scale.

golden corn fields change
into rocks and trees.

pilgrimage begins
to music, magic, Red Rock
enchanted weekend.