Hillsburn Take New Album on the Road

Story by Kris Ketonen, Photo by Paul Aarntzen


Nova Scotian indie rock band Hillsburn took something of a risk when it came time to record their latest album The Wilder Beyond. The album, which was released in early February, was recorded entirely in Hillsburn singer Paul Aarntzen’s apartment in Halifax. And, as band member Rosanna Burrill explains, while the band may have been a bit unsure at first, the move turned out to be a very good one.


“That was kind of a decision that was made out of necessity, and then ended up being a gift,” she says. “We knew we needed to do another album, but we didn’t have any money.” The thought of putting together a makeshift recording studio in the apartment came up, and the band decided to give it a shot. “It ended up being a really awesome process with our time and our ideas, without having to pay for studio time,” Burrill adds. “It took us a year to finish it, but I think we’re all really, really happy that we had to try and make that work.”


The Wilder Beyond is the second full-length album from Hillsburn, which also includes Jackson Fairfax-Perry, Clayton Burrill, and Clare Macdonald, and the band’s third release, including their self-titled 2016 EP. They’re hitting the road in support of the album, embarking on a tour that includes a stop in Thunder Bay this month. “I’m looking forward to getting out and playing these songs every night, and getting to the point where people know them and can sing along with us,” Burrill says. “Because that’s the best part, when people know the words and can join in with you.”


And while the new album has only been on the shelves for a couple of months, Hillsburn is already turning its collective attention to the next release. “We absolutely are thinking about having meetings about what worked in this recording process, and what didn’t, and seeing where we’re at for when we’re going to record the next album,” Burrill says. “We’re setting time aside to write and arrange… you get so wrapped up in the process of releasing an album, that by the time you release it, it’s not really new to you anymore, and you’ve already started thinking about the next one.”

You can hear Hillsburn’s new album live at the Foundry on April 14th. For more information, visit hillsburn.com.