Bight Restaurant & Bar Offers Japanese Dish

Story and Photos by Brooke Towle


A passion for cooking, the drive for trying something new, and a recent trip to New York has chef Joe Sposato stirring up a new ramen dish every Wednesday evening at Bight Restaurant & Bar. Inspired by the various ramen shops visited during his trip, Sposato decided to create his own spin on this classic Japanese noodle and broth dish in Thunder Bay.


Having never personally tried ramen myself, I was quite excited to head over to the waterfront and taste Sposato’s creation. As he exited the kitchen with the bowl gently cupped in his hands, I felt my excitement growing like a little kid. The welcoming aroma of broth and spices filled my nostrils and reminded me of my mother’s homemade soups.

Presented beautifully, the ramen possesses a calming variety of greens, yellows, browns, and whites. The dish introduces itself with a briny first impression from the Brussels sprouts kimchi, accompanied by a warm and calming tonkotsu (chicken and pork) broth that’s been simmering between 25 and 30 hours. As I delve into the ramen bowl, my mouth is pleasantly greeted with the familiar taste of chicken katsu, the uniquely tender texture of enoki mushrooms, and a much-welcomed sweetness from the corn over a bed of noodles.


“I like to add lots of toppings to my ramen, as I believe that it adds interest and I enjoy the variety in the dish,” says Sposato. “Trying a new dish each week challenges myself and keeps it interesting.”


Although likely a first-timer’s issue, I found it tricky to break apart the bok choy and enoki mushroom bouquet using chopsticks. My favourite part of Bight’s ramen was the soft egg marinated in soy sauce, mirin, and rice vinegar.


Overall, the generously portioned bowl was a delightful meal that left me ready to wind down for the night. Whether you’re familiar with ramen or you’re like me and this is new, I recommend spending a Wednesday evening at Bight Restaurant & Bar.