Lockyer Boys Riding the Pandemic Wave

Story by Jamie Varga, Photos by Chad Kirvan

This may be especially torturous due to the world still being in the throes of a pandemic and all, but imagine planning on taking a trip somewhere inspiring—and not only just getting away, but doing so to do things you’ve only ever dreamed of. Now let’s follow the trend set by COVID-19 for so many people, and have that daydream dashed by shutdowns and stay-at-home orders.

This is exactly what happened to Will and Charlie Lockyer when planning on taking their act, Lockyer Boys, to Los Angeles in order to write and record some songs with some significant players in the pop world. As tragic as this tale may be, it is also the very motivation behind their latest single, “Surfing in L.A.,” and the point from where they adapted, like so many others, to a new world of having to stay at home.

If you know of the Lockyer Boys, you know that they definitely have talent, and you also know that they have that extra dash of charisma that gives them a real chance of making a splash in the entertainment industry. It also doesn’t hurt that they genuinely love performing as much as they do the creative process that builds up to that. Cutting their teeth locally, they not only had support from their family, but their dad also got actively involved in their direction in the beginning. Now, they have progressed to not only having industry-savvy management, but are writing and creating music with people who are on the next level. Co-writing with the likes of Daniel Powter and Alan Poettcker makes it easy for producers like Jeff Dawson and Shawn Hook to turn those ideas into potential hit singles.

Just prior to its release, the Boys entered “Surfing in L.A.” into CBC Music’s Toyota Searchlight competition and as of writing this they are waiting to see if they made it from the top 100 in Canada up to the top 10. In addition to that, the initial feedback upon its release has been outstanding. Considering the song sprouted from seeds of misery, it has truly made the best of a bad situation.

“Charlie and I always try to make a sad story into a happy song,” Will Lockyer says. “Like to try and reverse the meaning almost. ‘Surfing in L.A.’ fits in that style and you can expect to hear more songs like that with darker meanings, but no one would guess unless they read the words.”

To stay up to date with the Lockyer Boys, you can visit their website at lockyerboys.com, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.