By Kyle Poluyko

On June 1, Magnus Theatre will offer two special public performances of their 2013 Theatre for Young Audiences touring productions. Head a Tete, by David S. Craig and Robert Morgan, is a critically acclaimed play about the acceptance of differences. Charming, insightful and comical, Head a Tete tells the story of two strangers who come together at a magical fruit-bearing tree in a cold, desolate land. Barriers in language lead to frustration and conflict. Will the strangers be able to communicate, learn from each other and share? Head a Tete encourages audiences to examine how we treat others and the world around us.

The Day Billy Lived, by Chris Craddock, addresses the sensitive yet critical subject of suicide prevention. Told through a mixture of humour, honesty and hope, The Day Billy Lived is a Sterling Award-winning play which keeps this troubling topic at the forefront of our dialogue at a time when its relevance is prevalent and must not be ignored or understated.

Directed by Lila Cano and featuring the cast of Jonathan Fisher, Stephen McLarty, Amy Myers and Alison Smyth in both productions, these are two compelling stories that are not to be missed. Head a Tete will be performed at 12:00 PM, with The Day Billy Lived following at 2:00 PM on June 1 at Magnus Theatre. Tickets are $5.00. For more information visit or call 345-5552.