Review by Georgia Ruberto (age 11), Photos by Matthew Goertz

This incredible live performance of The Addams Family took place at the Paramount Theatre and was for all ages. The play was based on a television show from the sixties and before that it was a cartoon created by Charles Adams.

The Addams family members were Gomez (father), Morticia (mother), Wednesday (daughter), Pugsley (son), Grandmama Addams, Uncle Fester and Lurch/Thing. They were a strange family who lived in a creepy old house and really did not know that they were so different from other people. They were scary to other people and had very different hobbies and interests from the rest of the world.

The Addams Family2In this particular story, the daughter Wednesday falls in love with a boy who was from the outside world and they wanted to get married. Her parents and family disagreed with the marriage and they wanted her to follow their ancestral traditions.

My favourite part was when the entire cast sang together in the second act, I especially enjoyed “Live Before We Die” where Gomez and Morticia fought over lying to each other. These actors showed amazing talent and worked really hard to learn their skills. This was an amazing experience to see theatre live and I recommend the plays by Paramount Live to everyone.