White Paint

White Paint is the second full-length album by Ottawa’s Hollerado. The album kicks off with “Wonder, Velocity, Charlie and Me,” a short track that starts with a mellow verse, builds to a rant and then flows seamlessly into the ska-flavoured “Don’t Think.” This song, like the others on the album, is both lyrically and musically interesting with its driving beat, rhythmic swings, and guitar hooks. While most of the songs have a frenetic pace, Hollerado shifts gears for songs like “Lonesome George”—a sweet tune that was inspired by the last of the Pinta Island tortoises, and “I Want My Medicine”—a Green Day-esque song about a man who is forced to sell his record collection to pay his medical bills. Other standout tracks include “So it Goes,” and “Pick Me Up.” Although some songs would be better without the drawn-out endings, each song on White Paint is musically diverse, yet distinctively Hollerado.

-Michelle McChristie