Tanya Tagaq’s latest album, Animism, should definitely put the throat-singer back into the media spotlight, particularly after the controversial “sealfie” photo she posted in support of the seal hunts. Animism is a well-constructed album that showcases the unique and natural talents of the Inuk musician. Tagaq’s beautiful album resonates with the power of her voice and her ability to evoke emotions in listeners. Her throat-singing, breathing, and vocal sounds are juxtaposed with contemporary music and sounds for an experimental result that flows wonderfully from track to track. “Rabbit” incorporates nature and birds’ singing, which beautifully adds to the track’s sound. “Soar” demonstrates the talents of this young musician’s voice and vocal talents. She creates a balance between two distinct vocal styles that works really well. Overall, the album is done well—it’s contemporary, it’s distinct, it’s experimental. But it is definitely an interesting listen of a skilled female musician.

– Melissa Gaudette