Bittersweet September

Whether it’s because you’re back to school, your work holidays are used up until next year, or the days are getting shorter, September is bittersweet. People often interpret it as the end of summer (we still have 21 days of it, people!). But I refuse to be one of those pessimists who packs away their lawn chairs, bids farewell to their favourite swimming hole, or, god forbid, tarps up their barbecue for the year. With that in mind, what better way to immortalize summer than dedicating an issue to the food associated with it?

For our cover story it’s all about burgers. Our dedicated staff of hamburglars review 14 different varieties in town, breaking down ingredients and getting the lowdown on each. Also, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the beloved Coney burger in our feature. Everyone in the city seems to have their favourite spot, so we want put our readers to the test and see if they can match five burgers with their respective restaurants. Plus author and historian Wayne Pettit provides some history on soda manufacturing in Northwestern Ontario to help you wash down the burger (or burgers) of your choice.

Because it’s back to class for many of our readers, Hugh Mullally previews the Thunderwolves upcoming season, film columnist Michael Sobota picks his back to school flicks, and who says you can’t be fashionable and get an education? Menswear stylist Lyle Morissette shares some wardrobe style tips.

Also in our issue we head across the border to North House Folk School to preview the 15th annual Unplugged benefit concert, travel to Winnipeg for the Interstellar Rodeo in our Getaway section, Chef Rachel Globensky serves a delectable honey-apple bread pudding just in time for harvest season, and we go on set of the Skowronski brother’s new feature-length dystopian film The Days of Destitute.

So soak in the rest of the season and enjoy our September issue—just try not to drool too much on the magazine.

-Adrian Lysenko