Thunder Pride Partners with Hooligan Fuel for Special June Offering

By Kris Ketonen

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will prevent in-person festivities during Thunder Bay’s annual Pride Month for the second year in a row, but that doesn’t mean the sense of community will be lost.

“I’ve actually come to realize that you can engage more people by being online,” Thunder Pride chair Ashley Moreau says. “You can make that information reach a little farther, and you can make that ripple of love a little farther.”

“It also allows people that don’t live here, or that can’t make it here for our Pride events, to be able to participate, and see what’s going on in Thunder Bay, and have that sense of connection,” they continue. “In these COVID times, that’s something people are really craving, is that sense of connection.”

Plenty of virtual events will be on offer during this year’s Pride Month, Moreau says. “It’s what we have to do right now, until we can see everyone in person.” Planned activities include a trivia night, movie night, panel discussions, Storytime with Drag Queens, Painting with Drag Queens, and the return of Drive-by Drag, Moreau says. Pride Month will also feature a best-dressed space competition this year. “We’re trying to open it up so everybody can participate,” Moreau says. “We have a youth and an adult version of it, so if a youth wanted to do a wall in their room or something and take a picture, or wherever your space is, is totally fine.” They add that there are prizes to be won.

One new addition this year is a partnership between Thunder Pride and Hooligan Fuel Hot Sauce. The company is launching a new habanero-infused honey sauce called Bee Proud, and all profits from the sale of the sauce during Pride Month will go to support Thunder Pride. Bee Proud officially launches on June 1, and it will be available at more than a dozen businesses in the city. “I feel bad that Thunder Pride lost out on the events that they would normally get their funding from,” says Hooligan Fuel Hot Sauce co-owner Kevin Cernjul. “I don’t need to make the money on this.”

“I would rather it go to the organizations that deserve it, and need it.”

For more information about Pride Month, and the events planned, visit Thunder Pride’s website at