Brass Camel to Rock St. Patrick’s Day Concert at BPP

By Jason Wellwood

After wowing crowds last summer, Brass Camel, the progressive rock band from British Columbia, are bringing their Over The Hump tour back to Thunder Bay on St. Patrick’s Day for a return engagement at Black Pirates Pub.

Watching the band live on stage or viewing one of the many live-from-the-studio videos they have posted, it’s clear to see why the band calls itself a “progressive rock circus.” In the world of “prog-rock” it’s easy to forget that not everyone in the audience is a music nerd, but Brass Camel makes sure that everyone is included in the fun, losing themselves in the music without losing the crowd. 

“It’s great to finally be able to do a proper coast-to-coast tour with this band,” says Daniel Sveinson, founding member and guitarist/vocalist. “The last tour was short and sweet and we really learned what this band can do live. We came home energized and ready to do it again, bigger and better!” 

Since then, the band has written another album worth of songs they’re planning to take into the studio; however they’ve decided to road test the songs first. “The show you see on day one isn’t going to be the same show five days later, you know?” Sveinson says. “We’re going to try songs in different rotations and maybe something doesn’t work one way, so we’ll try it another. It’s a little old school, but so are we!”

From the poster imagery (reminiscent of the great Camels cigarette ads of the 60s), their ever-present marquee lights, and the 70s-style outfits, there is no doubt that Brass Camel are old school.

“We’re looking forward to playing with great, solid bands like The Thirsty Monks again in Thunder Bay,” Sveinson says.

The Thirsty Monks, who also have a new album in the works for spring, are also looking forward to the show. “Seeing their videos was interesting, but seeing the band live was completely different,” says Jennifer Swistun-Wolski of The Thirsty Monks, “They are so much fun and super entertaining. I can’t wait to share a stage with them again.”

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