Changing the Way Thunder Bay Experiences Beer

By Daniel Grant

Beer lovers rejoice! There’s a new beer experience coming to Thunder Bay, with the  goal of not only captivating your taste buds, but captivating your mind at the same time.

One Time Brew Co., labeled a boutique brewery, will be opening late spring 2019 at 415 Fort William Road (at the old Waterfront Winery) and will be a mandatory spot for anybody who loves flavourful, bold, and even experimental beer. Master brewer Robert Bell started brewing his own beer five years ago on his kitchen stove. Three years later, his unique beer creations were so popular with friends and family it made sense to start looking into commercializing and opening his own brewery.

Now, with the help of partners Sabrina Chenel, Kevin Anderson, and Jordan Tetreault, the dream is moments away from becoming reality after nearly two years of planning, travelling, learning, and testing.

“I just made a coffee cake stout beer,” Bell says over a beer at a local pub. As we talk someone who’s been lucky enough to try one of Bell’s beer says hello and enthusiastically describes his favorite Bell creation, the Milkshake IPA, a New England style IPA.

“We are taking a little bit of risk here. We don’t play safe and make generic beer,” Bell says. “We are creating small, limited runs of different brews that will change the way you experience beer.” One Time Brew Co. will have 8–10 taps going in their taproom, but the amazing part is they will be producing different beers nearly every week. “Every time you come in there will be a new beer to try,” says Chenel, who will be managing the day-to-day operations.

The taproom will also be serving local pizza from Fatty’s Pizza for when hunger strikes. And, if you desire some fresh, quality beer while you hang out at home you can pop in, pick your beer of choice, and within minutes you’ll be walking out with a “crowler” (a 32 oz aluminum can that keeps your beer fresh for much longer than growlers).

Check out the latest updates from One Time Brew Co. as they get closer to opening by following them on Instagram at their handle @onetimebrewco.