image001I Never Sang Before I Met You contains three new songs written by Old Man Luedecke; “Sorry If I Let You Down,” “Time Alone” & “Baby, We’d Be Rich” – (clean and explicit versions).   Fellow east coast musician Joel Plaskett produced and plays a variety of instruments on the tracks which were recorded at his New Scotland Yard Studios in Dartmouth.                                                  



When contemplating what to do with the new songs Chris “Old Man” Luedecke felt the track “Baby, We’d Be Rich” needed more of a JJ Cale vibe and started thinking of Plaskett’s production. “I had actually been dreaming of the use of Joel’s wondrous drum machine since it started popping up on his records, and I had thoughts of him to produce the track for quite a long time—it just made sense,” says Luedecke.  

Since the pair are friends and fans of one another, the union was comfortable and creative from the start. “The broadened pallet, sensibility and attention to detail he brings as a producer was as thrilling as it was inspiring,” says Luedecke, adding “It’s a long way from the field recordings I admire so much, but feels like a great stage of the journey.”

I Never Sang Before I Met You marks Luedecke’s first time collaborating with Plaskett. “When Chris inquired about me producing a few tracks for him I couldn’t pass it up,” says Plaskett. “There were certain sounds and ideas that Chris liked from my own records, so he gave me a lot of room to run with it as a producer. You can hear my personality and playing on the tracks but at the heart of it all are his great melodies and lyrics.”  

About Old Man Luedecke 

Based in Chester, Nova Scotia, Old Man Luedecke has a skillful precision and a storyteller’s heart, tenderly pushing the boundaries of his storytelling with his unique mix of folk, bluegrass and pop.   

He recently returned from a whirlwind of international touring, including 30 dates in the US during which he opened for 2014 Grammy-nominated bluegrass legend and Tender Is The Night album producer Tim O’Brien, and a tour of the UK and Australia. He also made an appearance on the NPR radio show Mountain Stage (a show that has recorded from Grand Marais, MN on a few occasions).  Old Man Luedecke is finally back touring in Canada with Australian touring partner Jordie Lane supporting. 

He plays at the Finlandia Hall on March 1, advance tickets are $25 and available at Chaltrek, Fireweed, and Hoito. At the door, members pay $25 & non-members pay $30