SoapboxerYou can say the title of Soapboxer’s debut with enthusiasm or ennui: for this collection of pop punk songs, either reading is totally appropriate. These six songs seem to have grown directly into full band arrangements from lonely bedroom acoustic sessions, as Soapboxer (so far) specializes in wry melancholy coupled with the anthemic. Refreshingly free of pretension, slower songs like “Recycling Bin” and “Cold Hands” are a comfortable sweater on a dreary day thanks to their delicate emo chord patterns and easy choruses. A bit of upbeat romanticism is injected into “Break My Legs,” by far the fastestand most punkysong on the album, before the whole collection runs down with the acoustic-tinged “Marathoner.” Though the production is a bit thin, it’s a treat to hear songs in this genre that have great hooks and do more than idolize pretty girls from afar.

-Justin Allec