Space and Respect

Until I talked to driving instructor Gerry Picard for this issue, I would never have thought that advice for safe driving and a good marriage could be one and the same. “Space and respect,” is what Picard told me is the key to both. Whether you’re in a heated argument with a loved one or experiencing some road rage, the situation likely could have been avoided with these two things in mind. For what it’s worth, I’m not a marriage counselor nor a driving instructor, but I’ll give his advice a try.

FOctober2016or our cover story this month we’re focusing on Thunder Bay drivers. We head back to class and point out five common mistakes local drivers make, illustrating the right and wrong way to do things. We present some statistics in our infographic about the city’s motorists as well we get a cyclist’s perspective on things. As part of our theme, film columnist Michael Sobota shares his top picks for driving films, writer Kirsti Salmi pens an open letter to Thunder Bay motorists, and Stuff We Like features ideas for the Thunder Bay commuter.

October also brings Halloween, so in spirit of the event, Justin Allec talks to local metal and punk bands about their favourite Halloween movies and the genre’s influence on their music, menswear stylist Lyle Morissette provides some advice for attending a masquerade, and our sommelier Jeannie Dubois gives some spooky cocktail ideas.

Plus in the issue, Chef Rachel Globensky serves up a delicious recipe for pumpkin butter, we get a tour of Sleeping Giant Brewery’s new location, Tonya Muchano chats with Magnus Theatre’s new artistic director Thom Currie, and we scratch beneath the surface of Thunder Bay Art Gallery’s new exhibit The Unvarnished Truth: Exploring the Material History of Paintings.

So enjoy the October issue—just please don’t read it while behind the wheel. And if you see me out on the road, give me some space and respect, and I’ll try to do the same.

-Adrian Lysenko