Fibre Arts Exhibition Returns for its Fourth Year
By Wendy Wright
What do your hand-knit socks, Grandma’s quilt, weaved wall hangings, and macramé have in common? They are all examples of fibre art. This dynamic art form is enjoying a resurgence of sorts. A visit to the Baggage Building Arts Centre’s Fibre Arts Exhibition will transform your ideas of the medium, and introduce you to some of the best local fibre artists around.

This is the fourth year for the exhibition, which also incorporates what used to be the quilt show. But it’s more than just quilts involved—fibre arts run the gamut from toques to bags to wall hangings to clothing to macramé and embroidery. It includes anything the artist dreams up that involves wool, silk, linen, thread, or any other natural or synthetic fibres put together in any number of ways, such as stitching, weaving, knitting, knots, sewing, or applique. The beauty of the art form is that some things are functional, and others are for display. Many are both. As the art form grows in popularity, so does the variety of materials and the way they are used.


“Wool is like the paint or the words for the artist,” says Leona McEwan of Bee Weave Creations, who is among the exhibitors that are taking part. There will be around 20 artists with at least two pieces each in the show, so the myriad examples of today’s fibre arts will be on display.

The Fibre Arts Exhibition runs January 15 until March 24 at the Baggage Building Arts Centre For more information visit