Local Art Walk For All Artists and Audiences

Story by Taylor Onski, Photo by Angela Benedict

Angela Benedict is a full-time, self-taught artist making beautiful paintings and stained glass pieces. Now, she is also taking on a new artistic endeavour as coordinator of Artists’ Bay at Windy Shores Café, a weekly art walk at the Marina where you can see art and artists up close and personal. The walk takes place outside Windy Shores Café (2112 Sleeping Giant Parkway) every Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm.

“There are few galleries in town, especially for those just getting started,” Benedict says. “Many art shows are juried, and there is an application process, which can be daunting. But with the art walk, if you have art you want to show, come and show it.” She adds that they show painters of various kinds, and accept photography, henna artists, sculptors, and illustrators in various mediums such as graphite and charcoal. As coordinator, Benedict oversees the Artists’ Bay social media accounts, updates a weekly list of participating artists—as each new week means a new lineup—and puts up posters around town. Her goal is to make Artists’ Bay open and welcoming to all artists.

“Some artists choose to have their work up for sale. Others want to show their art. Some bring works in progress on site,” she says. “You can look but don’t have to buy and artists don’t have to sell. Just come and appreciate art and artists of all mediums, ages, and experiences. Even if you are a five-year-old artist who wants to show off their finger painting, we would love that because it is adorable.”

Not only is anyone welcome to participate, but the walk makes it easy for people to see, and hopefully leave inspired by art on the shores of Lake Superior. “You can engage your senses with the music from [Live on the Waterfront] and then wander over to the Windy Shores Café, which is also open during this time,” Benedict says. “[With] a range of artists from various mediums and skill levels, you’re able to have that nice sense of awe because you never know what will surprise you. Even if you aren’t super creative but are able to walk through a patio of artwork, it might inspire you to pick up a paint brush or pencil.”

Find Artists’ Bay at the Windy Shores Café on Facebook, on Instagram @artistsbay_tbay, or visit artistsbaytbay.wordpress.com.