Night- credit Andree Lanthier, actor Abbie Ootova

Story by Kyle Poluyko
Photo by Andree Lanthier

An original and collaborative Canadian work takes the stage as Magnus Theatre’s fourth presentation of the season. Night, a Human Cargo production, tells the powerful story of a Toronto anthropologist and an Inuit girl as their paths cross in the winter darkness of Pond Inlet, Nunavut.

Daniella has good intentions as she sets out from Toronto on a pilgrimage to Pond Inlet to return an inestimable item to its residents. In this dark, icy tundra of Canada’s northernmost region, Daniella quickly discovers that her well-meaning intention opens the doors to a long and abusive past. Her lack of awareness of this history results in culture shock, and reveals a pervasive insensibility about life above the Arctic Circle. Piuyuq—a bold and passionate 16-year-old girl—and other inhabitants of Pond Inlet help enlighten the confounded southerner about Inuit culture. Ultimately, the course of all of their lives is unequivocally altered.

Night is written and directed by Christopher Morris, featuring Reneltta Arluk, Tiffany Ayalik, Jonathan Fisher, and Linnea Swan. The production is bilingual, with both English and Inuktitut dialogue (with subtitles) and, due to content and strong language, is recommended for mature audiences.

Magnus Theatre’s presentation of Night opens on February 7 and runs through to February 22. For more information call 345-5552 or visit